A dedicated IP address is an exclusive numeric identifier on the web that is given to a device or a website. Shared hosting servers usually have a number of sites under a single IP, while dedicated ones feature their own IPs that aren't shared with others. Even when you use a typical shared account, however, you will be able to purchase a dedicated IP address that will be in use only by your websites - one or a few. Considering that this can add up to the speed of thesite, it is much more likely that the website will get improved search engine result positions. Certainly, this is not the sole factor, but it is likely to help you have more site visitors and prospective customers. The dedicated IP is also required if you want to encode the information exchanged between the site and its visitors by using an SSL certificate.

Dedicated IP Address in Shared Web Hosting

When you use some of our shared web hosting plans, you'll be able to add a dedicated IP address to your account without difficulty and assign it to a domain or subdomain with no more than a few clicks. This is valid no matter which data center you have selected for the account throughout the sign-up process, so it is possible to take full advantage of this feature in our US, UK and AU facilities. This way, you can have a dedicated IP for an electronic commerce site, for example, whereas a forum attached to it can use the server's shared IP as you can modify each and every domain or subdomain independently from the Hosted Domains area of your Hepsia Control Panel. If you need a dedicated IP for an SSL certificate and you get the SSL through us, you will be able to use the auto-configuration instrument, which will assign an IP and set up the SSL automatically for the site where you would like to use them.

Dedicated IP Address in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you buy a semi-dedicated server account through us, you'll have the option to acquire as many dedicated IP addresses as you'd like depending on the needs you have. It will take a few clicks in the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel to obtain your new IP plus several more to assign it to a domain or a subdomain. The entire process is really easy and your website will start opening from your new IP address very quickly. Hepsia will enable you to see all of the IP addresses which you are able to use, both shared & dedicated, and which of the latter are free or taken. Provided you'd like to use an SSL certificate on some of your sites and you need a dedicated IP for it, you can take full advantage of our SSL order wizard, which can assign a new IP and set up the certificate the moment you upload your order, so you do not need to adjust anything in your semi-dedicated website hosting account by yourself.

Dedicated IP Address in VPS Hosting

All of the VPS hosting services that we supply include a dedicated IP, so you will not share your IP with some other client with an account on the same physical machine. In case you select a hosting Control Panel for the server throughout the signup process, you will get a second dedicated IP too and you're able to use it for any content which you host on your VPS - a website, an app, an SSL certificate, a VOIP server, and so on. If you would like to have more IPs, you're able to order them as an extra upgrade from your billing Control Panel and they will be assigned to your server in a matter of minutes. You'll be able to control your IPs without difficulty using your website hosting Control Panel and the virtualization admin panel that you will get to command the virtual machine.

Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Web Hosting

All the dedicated web hosting that we provide have three dedicated IP addresses as standard and cost-free. You're able to employ them for any kind of purpose depending on the content that you've got on your server - an online game server or a Voice-Over-IP app, an SSL certificate for a site that you host, private name servers for a reseller domain which your customers may use to direct domain names to their hosting accounts, etc. You can also obtain more dedicated IPs through the Upgrades part of your billing Control Panel if you need more than the ones which come with your server. You are able to buy the IPs in groups of three and they will be added to your dedicated server soon after you send your order, so that you can use them without any delays.