We have integrated a group of Web Tools in your Web Control Panel to enable you to quite easily advertise your web sites on the web. The sitemap generation tool can help you have a precise sitemap of your website. In addition, you can easily send that sitemap to major search engines to crawl your site. The RSS News syndication instrument will allow you to generate regularly refreshed information on your index page so you could get greater opportunities to climb higher in search engine rankings. Additionally, we have provided a GeoIP redirection instrument that will permit you to approach your customers far more accurately based on their physical area.

A Sitemap Generator

Get a sitemap with all of your web pages in a click

The easiest method of getting your recently introduced website indexed by the search engines is to publish a sitemap. The sitemap records the whole set of web pages on your web site and by publishing it to a particular search engine, you notify it that you like those pages to get indexed as soon as possible. Sitemaps are typically generated by 3rd party instruments. However, with Champion Web Hosting, it is not necessary to navigate away from your Web Control Panel. Our own custom–built Sitemap Generator is included within the Advanced Tools area and is going to complete a sitemap on your behalf with a click.

Everything you need to do is opt for the top amount of webpages you prefer to be indexed, the depth of the scanned hyperlinks as well as the format of the sitemap document.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Geographic location–driven redirections with a mouse click

Champion Web Hosting offers you an excellent way to redirect your users on the basis of their whereabouts. Through the GeoIP redirection instrument, you could redirect all the visitors who arrive from a specific area to a native language version of your site. For example, if you have an Italian translation of your website, you can easily send all the visitors coming from Italy to that page rather than asking them to switch to Italian when they visit the English variant. This will help you provide website visitors with an intuitive on–line experience right from the start.

There’s no need for virtually any special capabilities or technical experience to utilize the GeoIP redirection tool. It’s all done with only a mouse click.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the most up–to–date news on your web site

In the Champion Web Hosting Web Control Panel, we have integrated an instrument, which lets you embed news from the trusted media channels on Earth in your websites, with just a mouse click. Our News tool works automatically and does not call for any extra configuration work from you,

The RSS News Publication component is easy to customize in terms of HTML and CSS. You can modify the quantity of information bits that are going to be shown, the way that they will appear like, exactly how they will be formatted, etcetera.

RSS News